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Radiologic Technologist I

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Job # ACC-20808 Category Allied Health Location Lanham-Seabrook, Maryland; Posted date Mar. 04, 2024

Radiology Technologist - DCMC

Position Purpose

Carries out radiological examinations under the supervision of the Radiologist and Department Director/Supervisor. Responsible for maintaining quality care of all patients when in the department.

Role Specific Competencies

1. Call for patients to be brought to Radiology.

  • Properly place requisitions in the box to have patient brought to radiology for test.
  • Put notes on requisitions relative to patients so as not to delay the process.
  • Logs patients in and out of Meditech system accurately and consistently.

2. Demonstrates skills and knowledge necessary to provide quality care services for special age specific populations, such as, but not limited to, pediatrics and geriatrics patients. (Attach current skills inventory and/or skills check list; any current age specific certifications; departmental testing; etc.)

3. Emergency trays are to be stocked.

  • Emergency Trays are to be restocked immediately after being used.
  • Daily inspections are required to assure the integrity of the lock and replaced immediately if questionable, i.e., lock loose, etc.

4. Helps transport patients as needed. (

  • Familiarizing themselves with all transportation tasks and safety practices when transporting patients.

5. Helps with functions of receptionist when necessary.

  • Familiarizes themselves with all the responsibilities of receptionist to assist as needed.

6. Is in compliance with hospital/department policies and regulations.

  • Must maintain current state/national certification as applicable.
  • Must attend ten (10) of the twelve (12) department meetings.
  • Maintain current C PR certification.
  • Maintain current status with fire safety and health updates as required by hospital policy.

7. Keep assigned room clean. (RADIOLOGY TEC HNOLOGIST- 7150.5405)

  • Room must be properly cleaned after each patient, i.e., wipe table, change pillowcase, etc.
  • Assure that all materials necessary for radiological procedures are stocked in the room.
  • Room must be burned ""off"" at the end of each shift (with the exception of #1, #2, and #4) by putting the pads with sheets on the table with the tube resting on a pillow.
  • All equipment is to be free of dust, blood or any other foreign substances at all times.

8. Perform diagnostic radiographic procedures.

  • Prepare the patient for procedures, providing instructions to obtain desired results, gaining cooperation, and minimizing anxiety.
  • Select and operate imaging equipment and/or associated accessories to successfully perform procedures.
  • Position patient to best demonstrate anatomic area of interest, respecting patient ability and comfort.
  • Apply principles of radiation protection to minimize exposure to patient, self, and others.
  • Evaluate radiographs or images for technical quality, ensuring proper identification is recorded.
  • Assume responsibility for provision of physical and psychological needs of patients during procedures.
  • Verify informed consent for, and assist a Radiologist with, interventional radiography procedures.
  • Assist Radiologist with fluoroscopic and specialized interventional radiography procedures.
  • Initiate basic life support action when necessary.
  • Provide patient education.
  • Provide practical instruction for students and/or other health care professionals.
  • Observe universal precautions.
  • Apply the principles of patient safety during all aspects of radiographic procedures, including assisting and transporting duties.

9. Performs non-routine duties as directed by the Department Director and/or designee that promote team work.

  • Order supplies as assigned without creating shortage in department.
  • Cover additional shifts when requested in a manner that promotes teamwork.
  • Hospital name badges and radiation badges are worn at all times. Submits radiation badge for review within established time frame.

10. Performs routine radiographic/EKG examinations in the main department, operating room, special procedures and pre surgical testing area.

  • Has good working knowledge of all radiographic equipment.
  • Must possess a good knowledge of the Operating Room and its practices specific to aseptic technique.
  • Must always carry the ASC OM phone when assigned to Operating Room.

11. Practices radiological safety at all times. (RADIOLOGY TEC HNOLOGIST- 7150.5405)

  • Use all lead shielding to protect the body parts which are not to be examined.
  • Retrieves and reviews correct patient study from the PAC S work list.
  • Properly identify the anatomical part (Rt/Lt) using markers issued only by the department.
  • Check patient's chart so the correct exam is being done.
  • Check patient's armband to assure the correct patient is having the correct exam.
  • Wears radiation monitoring badge daily and maintains them in the appropriate area so as to have them changed monthly.
  • All forms are properly completed prior to exposure, i.e., patient pregnancy form, consents for contrast injection, etc.

12. Proficiently operates the Computed Radiography (CR) equipment and the Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS).

  • Turns (CR) equipment on and knows the shut down procedure for each unit.
  • Properly associates each Imaging Plate (IP) with the proper patient and exam at the CR unit.
  • Reviews image within CR unit and adjusts region of interest (ROI) for best ""S"" value to be as close to 200 as possible, and repeats as necessary.
  • Properly completes or rejects images at the C R unit.
  • Adds images to studies within the C R as needed.
  • Modifies patient information as needed within the C R unit.
  • Must be able to print images from within the PAC S and from the C R units.
  • Must be able to reload film in the Laser Printers.
  • Must return imaging plates to proper storage area.
  • Must be able to create a patient image ""C D"" from within the PAC S.
  • Keeps area around the C R Readers clean at all times and free of dust.
  • Must be able to clear latent image from IP as needed.
  • Must be able to clear an IP Transport failure.
  • Must be able to transfer images from C -Arms and C ystoscopy Room to the PAC S.
  • Must be able to properly resolve routine Quality Assurance (QA) issues dealing with multiple studies, wrong patient data and no matching scheduled study from within the PAC S.
  • E-Mails PACS Coordinator with issues as needed for QA issues that cannot be resolved at their level.
  • Must be able to clearly define the flow of information from Meditech order entry through the PACS, CR, and Radiology Module.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Additionally knowledge of conflicting exams; i.e., barium enema after upper GI series to minimize length of stay.
  • Associates Degree in x-ray technology is preferred.
  • Current CPR/BLS is required.
  • High school graduate plus two years of training by an approved American Medical Association Radiologic Technologist program.
  • Must have a good working knowledge of all radiographic positions and exhibit radiation safety practices at all times.
  • Registered by ARRT, state license, and CPR

Physical Requirements

  • Ability to lift/carry 50 pounds or more.
  • Concentrates on moderate to fine detail for extended periods of time.
  • Must be able to hear normal sounds with some background noise.
  • Remembers schedules, tasks to be completed, where activities left off, etc.
  • Routinely lifts light to medium heavy objects using good body mechanics.
  • Understands and can operate from the conceptual basis of tasks and activities.
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