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Nursing Support

Patient Care Technician - Progressive Care - PT - Days

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Job # CJL-35016 Category Nursing Support Location Lanham-Seabrook, Maryland; Posted date Mar. 16, 2024

Position Purpose

The patient care technician is responsible and accountable for assisting patients with activities of daily living, performing technical skills and assisting in maintenance of a safe and clean environment under the direction and supervision of the Registered Nurse/Clinical Coordinator in

charge of the patient care unit. The individual must demonstrate ability to deliver care reflective of the patient’s requirements relative to his/her age-specific needs and as describes in the unit/area/department policies and procedures.

Role Specific Competencies

1. Demonstrates skills and knowledge necessary to provide quality care services for age specific populations, such as (but not limited to)pediatric and geriatric patients.(PCT)

2. Documents all appropriate patient care information.(PCT)

  • Performs and documents temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure, intake and output and other measurements in an accurate manner.
  • Posts and collects recording sheets and post instructions sheets on patient doors and walls as indicated.

3. Ensures comfort and safety of patients, belongings and environment.(PCT)

Adheres to national patient safety goals and incorporates them into daily practice.

  • Maintains beds in the low position with side rails in place and wheels locked at all times.
  • Ensures patient safety when transporting by wheelchair or stretcher.
  • Conducts frequent rounds to address and respond to patient needs.
  • Responds to patient call lights within five (5) minutes or requests that other arrangements be made.
  • Applies protective devices as assigned by licensed staff, maintaining patient safety at all times.
  • Checks equipment prior to use, for safety hazards.
  • Utilizes appropriate body mechanics when performing patient transfers and transports.
  • Always correctly identifies patient by name and name band for any direct care procedures, treatments or diet.
  • Orients patient to use of equipment , bed controls, communication system and location of bathroom emergency call signal.
  • Ensures that necessary patient articles are within reach of patient at all times.

4. Exhibits sound judgement and technical skills in the performance of direct patient care treatments and procedures in accordance with policies and procedures.(PCT)

  • Participates in receiving report at the start of the shift. Gives report to appropriate licensed staff prior to the end of the shift.
  • Assists with patient care assigned by the licensed staff/clinical coordinator utilizing the written plan of care at all times.
  • Demonstrates knowledge and skill while performing those technical procedures indicated on the skill.
  • Inventory checklist which must be successfully completed within 90 days of employment and reassessed annually to demonstrate continued proficiency on an annual basis.
  • Collects specimens within designated time frame, using appropriate procedures to ensure accuracy, and maintains infection control measures.
  • Accurately applies EKG leads, performs 12 lead EKG tracing, communicates results to licensed staff, and transmits to Cardiology department.
  • Obtains, applies, adjusts , fits and maintains orthopedic traction equipment.
  • Assists with preparation of the patient for procedures as delegated by licensed staff.
  • Assists with admission, discharge, transfer and post mortem care; including documentation in computer system.
  • Performs messenger and transport services as required.
  • Adheres to infection control and isolation protocols, including wearing protective equipment appropriately.
  • Immediately communicates changes in patient status directly to the responsible licensed staff/Clinical Coordinator, including but not limited to VS, bleeding drainage voiding, machine functions, IV infusion, safety situations.
  • Assists all patients with dietary needs, setting up trays and assisting pts to eat as necessary.
  • Support elimination needs by ensuring that urinals and bedpans are kept empty.
  • Assists patients to routinely change position to prevent skin breakdown; notifies licensed staff of any skin impairment or potential for skin injury.

5. Maintains work area, supplies and patient rooms in a clean, prepared fashion.(PCT)

  • Keeps patient room, bedside area and closets clean, neat and clutter free. Removes excess linen and supplies from room.
  • Maintains halls, utility rooms and break rooms in a clean and orderly manner.
  • Performs other special cleaning assignments as assigned.

6. Participates at the unit level.(PCT)

  • Participates in unit staff meetings.
  • Successfully completes all required education courses as assigned within established deadlines.
  • Adheres to attendance and tardiness policies.
  • Conforms to hospital and departmental dress code.
  • Always utilizes sign-in/sign-out documentation sheet for meals or breaks.
  • Participates in unit based performance improvement data collection as needed and in unit based improvement efforts as assigned.
  • Reviews unit and hospital communication on a routine basis to include electronic and paper formats.
  • Assures that computer data entries are complete and accurate.
  • Maintains confidentiality of all records (patient/employee).
  • Ensures appropriate use of equipment used in patient care; ensures that broken equipment is tagged for repair.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Current CNA/Maryland is required.
  • Current CPR/BLS is required.
  • High School graduate or equivalent.
  • Hospital experience preferred.

 Physical Requirements

  • More than 75% of work time will involve pushing, pulling, stretching, bending and walking.
  • Must be able to hear normal sounds with some background noise.
  • Must have ability to use a standard computer keyboard, and be able to read a computer screen and differentiate colors.

Will routinely lift, push and pull objects over 50 po

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